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Renegade Pigs MC A Brotherhood of Police Officers, Correction Officers and Professional Fireman

A Brotherhood of Police Officers, Correction Officers and Professional Fireman

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From the earth there came a wild stampede creating a massive dust, from this cloud of dust a pack of "Wild Pigs" emerged.

From this pack a "RENEGADE" stepped forward and said "Follow Me". You can speak his name for the true meaning of brotherhood will follow him.

The RENEGADE PIGS Motorcycle Club is a Brotherhood of Police Officers, Correction Officers and professional Fireman. These officers are bound not only by riding North American made motorcycles, but also by their profession, their respect for one another and their dedication to the promotion of safe riding habits.

The RENEGADE PIGS hosts and attends fundraisers for public safety officers, their families and others. We are a non profit organization.

It's not about the Destination, it's about the Journey.

Originally called the "Wild Pigs", trademark and monetary issues caused a separation. During the separation the truer hearts emerged and a stronger more vigilant brotherhood raised itself from the ashes of the destruction, caused by R&R. The creation of an even greater motorcycle club the RENEGADE PIGS came about in April of 2001. The RENEGADE PIGS pride themselves on being a very exclusive, very tight Brotherhood.

Only those individuals who are chosen, become RENEGADE PIGS. Each individual prospect must have the basic 3 ingredients:

  • Pride
  • Integrity
  • Guts

If you think you have what it takes to become a RENEGADE PIG or if you would like to know more,
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The Crew

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It just might save your life

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